Dans l’abysse des interstices

“In the Abyss of Interstices” – 1st album of ArchiPol – 10 tracks

« For a long time we thought that there was no life in the abyss. Whereas we now know there is plenty! A wildlife both vegetal and animal remote from the above world. A small entrance door, an interstice, and behind, an abyss. A world one can shape. A world where a thought, a word, leads to another dimension. Seize an instant, a fragment, follow a thread, the white rabbit, and here comes a new and immense universe.”

Lyrics & music: ArchiPol
In collaboration with Cyril Delhay and Valentin Barray

ArchiPol (lead voice, guitar, whistling, Irish flute, body percussions)
Valentin Barray (keyboards, chorus)
Romain Malan (cello, chorus)
Alexandre Klein (double bass)
Peter Handley (percussions)
Céline Saout (harp)

Visual design: AMP Création
Photography: Hugo Miserey