Wednesday 15 May – La Manufacture Chanson (Paris)

Starting time: 8.30pm
Admission: 16€ / 13€ / 11€
Online booking: click here
Venue: Espace Christian Dente, 124 avenue de la République, 75011 Paris

Thursday 11 July – Crazy Coqs (London)

Starting time: 9.15pm
Admission: £19.50
Online booking coming soon
Venue: 21 Sherwood Street, London W1F Espace Christian Dente, 124 avenue de la République, 75011 Paris


03/23: Palais des Congrès et de la Culture (Le Mans) – (Le Mans Pop Festival Music Competition)
02/24: L’Anecdote (Paris)
02/24: La Belle Maison (Bagnolet)
01/24: Le Sel (Sèvres)
12/23: Rimazics (Montreuil)
12/23: Médiathèque Flora Tristan (Pierrefitte)
11/23: The Scénobar (2nd release party – Paris)
11/23: Mascini Theater (Amsterdam – ‘Au naturel’ European mini-tour)
10/23: Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club (London – ‘Au naturel’ European mini-tour)
10/23: Chelsea Arts Club (London – ‘Au naturel’ European mini-tour)
09/23: La Dame de Canton (release party)
08/23: Le Mans Pop Festival (Opening set of Slogan – Semi-final of the Music Springboard Le Mans Cité Chanson)
07/23: ‘Sunday under the plane trees’ Festival (Orne)
04/23: 48h Salt Festival (Sèvres)
03/23: Les Trois Baudets (opening set of Armelle Yons)
03/23: Audito Café (Tourcoing – Opening set of Mathilde Kaori)
12/22: Clichy Media Library
12 /22: Le Kibélé
12 /22: Les Salons de la Reine
10/22: Le Scénobar
10/22: Les Salons de la Reine
04/22: Forum Léo Ferré (opening set of Claude
04/22: La Péniche Antipode (with Melquiadès)
03/22: Le Scénobar
12/21: Les Salons de la Reine
03/20 à 12/20: Facebook lives and private concerts
11/19: Chelsea Arts Club (London)
11/19: Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club (London)
06/19: L’Ogresse (Paris)
05/19: L’Ogresse (Paris)
04/19: L’Ogresse (Paris)
03/19: L’Ogresse (Paris)
03/19: Les Pianos (Montreuil)
02/19: Le Connétable (Paris)
06/18: Festival of Montpeyroux (Hérault, France)
07/18: Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club (London)
06/17: Queen Alexandra House (London)
11/17: Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club (London)
02/16: Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club (London)
05/11: Auditorium d’Orsay (opera)
12/10: Britten Theatre (Royal College of Music, London)
11/09: The Pianola Museum (Amsterdam)
02/08: Pizza on the Park (London)


2nd Prize at Le Mans Pop Festival Competition

I just came back from Le Mans Pop Festival music competition with the 2nd Prize and the Alpa Radio Prize! 🥳
It means a cheque of 2,000€, a future concert in the cultural season of Le Mans and the broadcast for a whole month of two of my tracks on Radio Alpa. ⚡️
Big bravo and thank you to my musicians and friends Isabelle Sajot & Paul Galiana!! 👏🙏

Au naturel’ : new album still available

My new album is still available to purchase / listen to! 🥳🥳
You can listen to it and/or order the CD version by clicking here.
You can find all the information about the new opus on this website’s dedicated page, there!😉

Watch my new clip

Summer is not over yet! My new clip ‘Au pays de la Glanderie’ has been released on September 8th! 🍹🌴.
You can watch it right there. Don’t forget to like👍, comment (positively, ideally) and share it with no restraint! 😉.

Interview on La Parisienne Life

You can read this interview on the music blog La Parisienne Life : I tell you a bit more about my forthcoming album, my inspirations and my future projects. 😚

L’amour vache, single and clip – We talk about it…

Over 35,000 views of the clip to this day
Selection among the musical discoveries of the week by Muséanima
Selection in the “clips of the week” by Phenixwebzine
Selection of clip for the second half of April on the Break Musical blog
Guest on radio broadcast “On allume les étoiles” – Radio Troyes Aube
Interview for the Quebec online TV broadcast “Cypher Trove”
Track on playlist on Radio Plus Hauts de France, Hip Hop Time, Dogzout Records, Tinnitist, Niky Radio International
Listen to the track here and/or (re)discover the clip there.