Monday 5 September – Le Connétable

Starting time: 9pm
(doors opening at 8.30pm)
Entrance: free, booking advised through the Contact page on the website
Venue: 55 rue des Archives, 75003 Paris

Wednesday 12 October – Le Scénobar

Starting time: TBC
Shared concert with Radia
Entrance: free
Venue: 6 rue Victor Letalle, 75020 Paris


Success of crowdfunding campaign!

The crowdfunding campaign launched a few weeks ago towards the release of my new album was a great success, thanks to your generous support.
We reached our second objective which will allow us to develop the project with serenity and ambition.
You can still visit the project page on Ulule for more information and contribute to the new album!

ArchiPol on air on Radio Enghien

ArchiPol was the guest of Radio Enghien’s artistic broadcast ‘Dis-moi ta poésie’ (IDFM.98) on Thursday 3 March from 9pm to 10pm.
The podcast is now available on the radio’s website!

ArchiPol’ song in a viral YouTube documentary about windturbines

ArchiPol’s song, “Avant j’aimais les éoliennes” (I used to love wind turbines) resonates in the end credits of the documentary on windturbines realised by Charles Thimon: “Eoliennes: du rêve aux réalités” (windturbines: from dream to reality).

Now counting over half a million views, it has been commented in many articles nationwide (in Libération, Le Figaro and Le Point).